Inclusion of the Deaf

Maximize inclusion of the deaf, in the labour market (tech professionals) and the consumer market, providing the private sector a WISE and eficient way to add value through solid ESG and DEI initiatives.

Inclusion of the Deaf

The problem

  • Deaf have very limited opportunities to get accessible education
    and to puvrsue a solid carrer.
  • The the difficulties extend to basic activities of purchasing and
    consuming services.
  • Companies have the urgent need to validate ESG principles within
    their procedures and also need to comply with inclusion laws.
  • Qualified IT TECH Professionals are in defict across the globe.

market size

Total Global Sustainable Investing = USD 2,3 TRI *  (as for 2020)

TAM – Impact & Community Investing
SAM – 20% of TAM (Allocation for deaf community)
SOM – 20% of SAM (Market to be obtained)


For individuals >> Inclusion and career development through
Digital Tech School and Qualified Job Opportunities.

For organizations >> Inclusive Marketing tech solutions
and Tech qualified professionals

Opportunities For All

Deaf community will experience a life change through accessto high tech training, carrer opportunities and social inclusiviness.

Credit Funds can access ~500MM people through Inclusive Credit with a ROI of up to 200%.

Improve ESG commitment >>Employer Branding.

Top-Line Growth >>Atract customers with inclusive products and services.

Mitigate Regulatory and Legal Interventions >>Hire PwD coders with superior performance.

Productivity Uplift >>Hire all the best TECH Workforce.

Inclusion of the Deaf


  • Wise Hands won The Globee Award® for startup of the year 2021
    For IT Services.
  • Wise Hands won the Brasil Design Award® on the UI/UX category
    first place on public vote and second place by the Jury.
  • Wise Hands created the worldʼs first IT school for the deaf in August
    2021 wit.
  • Revenue january ʼ22 = 10x full year 2021 with 100% customers

Round info

Raising: USD 5 MM
Already Committed:USD 1MM
Equity: 5% | Deadline: February 2022

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The Team

Wise Hands Steering Committee

The Steering Comitee is driven by PwD
that decides on the general course and priority of actions.

Junior Gaino
Engineer + 18yr R&D + 200 Multiple IT projects Worth USD 1 Bi Delivered

Eduardo Valentin
+20yr Biz Dev, Mkt & Growth Investor & Entrepreneur People & Culture Mgt Expertise

Amanda Danziger
+15 yr IT Education Carrer + 7 yr Team Development Founder SOITech

Rafael Rezende
27yr Entrerpreneur Mkt Audio Visual Professional + 100 campaings delivered

Alberto Iglesias
+30 yrs DEV and Tech Founder VN Soft (25 yr) International Presence

Junior Bornelli
StartSE Founder International Presence Multiple Business Awards