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Wise Hands

We are a company specialised in the development of innovative solutions, with professionals trained to attend any branch of activity interested in promoting accessibility through technology projects.



Imagine a life without sounds, this is the reality of 466 million people in the world, among them 10 million are Brazilians who face the challenges of social inclusion every day, having an independent, autonomous and productive life is possible in this universe of silence.
Brazilian law No. 10,436 / 2002 legally recognizes Libras as a means of communication and expression for the Deaf Community and 80% of deaf people in Brazil are not literate in Portuguese. So ....


Did you know that today we have 432 million deaf adults and 34 million deaf children worldwide. All with the same dreams as the listeners, wanting to study and graduate from a university or technical course. However, the reality is not easy and the vast majority of deaf people do not get a well-paid job or even become literate. Today it is very easy to find courses ...


Buy food or look for a table?
Each one receives the dish at a time?
Now everyone knows how to vacant tables, choose your orders with ease and pay directly from your cell phone Can't choose the products?
Do you have allergies or food restrictions?

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Do you have no agglomeration control? Don't know where to place the sanitation points? Control of people by direct route on your cell phone. Sanitation points with temperature measurement. Don't have accessibility for the blind? Don't have accessibility for the deaf?


Don't know when there's a promotion?
Don't remember what you need to buy?
Register your wish list and enter the desired value, to receive alerts when the product reaches the price.
Don't you remember where you bought this product from?
Don't you remember the size of the clothes?
Our app keeps your purchase history with an evaluation and measurement log so you don't make mistakes on your next purchase.

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Did you lose your parking ticket? Pay the toll TAG monthly fee?
Payment made directly from the cell phone with credit or debit card without monthly fee.
Feeling scared or in danger?
Need some help?

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