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Imagine a life without sounds, this is the reality of almost 500 million people in the world, among them 10 million are Brazilians who face the challenges of social inclusion every day. Having an independent, autonomous and productive life is possible in this universe of silence.
Brazilian law No. 10,436 / 2002 legally recognizes Libras as a means of communication and expression for the Deaf Community and 80% of deaf people in Brazil are not literate in Portuguese. Therefore, it is useless to have a text that they will not understand.

Furthermore, a sign language is not universal, and if a Libras literate deaf person wants to communicate with the British, he will have to learn to
British sign language.

The Interpreter of the World project will solve this problem and put everyone in the world on a single platform that will make an intelligent connection between interpreters, listeners and deaf people. Allowing communication in any oral language and any sign language.
If you liked the idea, join us on this project. Whether sharing our content on social networks, being a user of the platform or if possible, making a donation.

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