The Problem

2.5 Bilhões

Can you imagine how difficult it is for a deaf person to do simple everyday tasks with no accessibility whatsoever?



Deaf people in 2021


Deaf people in 2050

How can they schedule an appointment with the doctor?

How can they order in a drive through?

How can they have a technical training?

Source: WHO


The biggest IncludeTech Startup


We are developing solutions with:

-Augmented Reality


-Artificial Intelligence


Promoting inclusion in the labour market and in the consumer market.

We are commited to all ESG items (Enviromental, Social and Governance).

Strategy of Globalization

Tech4Me, technology school, is very happy
working together with Wise Hands, because acting on digital inclusion and accessibility of the most vulnerable social classes is what most motivates us, and with that we are not measuring efforts to use all our energy to that the project has an impact on society.

Ladmir Carvalho

President Alterdata Software

Business Plan

In partnership with major global organizations
we are planning an awareness program
at the global level to promote the inclusion of the Deaf
and the reduction of SDG inequalities10.




All services will be available with Sign Language by Interpreters in all hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies.




Service at the centres emergency with interpreters. Embark on this solution on all cell phones.




Training program for deaf “Super Coders”.

Education and training from children.

Inclusive Mkt

Consultancy for Inclusive Marketing and Brand Positioning,
so that the community has a genuine connection and sees itself

Our Products

Wise Portal

Wise Food

Wise Parking


Wise Tech School

SL Book

Tradução de Websites

Tradução de Videos

Wise Concierge

Wise Portal

Risks to capital (SWOT)


  • Development of solutions and intellectual property rights.
  • Possibility of patenting solutions.
  • Diverse and motivated team.
  • Products and solutions for all types of customers
  • Localization in multiple countries and online


  • If 11 million deaf people in Brazil request services at the same time, we will need to increase the number of interpreters.
  • If the 14 million sites request translation services at the same time, we will have a high demand for product delivery.


  • Educational Interpretation of Sign Language.
  • Social Interpretation of Sign Language
  • Website Signal. language translation
  • Translation of Product Documents in Sign Language.


  • What can you do?
  • How you do it?
  • Where you want to go?
  • What do you have now?

Customers and Partners

The work of Wise Hands is really admirable for our society as a whole, as well as for making our country competitive in innovation in relation to the world.

Juliana Alencar – Business partner and CCO

I’m a super fan of Wise Hands because it’s an admirable company in everything it does, and it allowed us to take inclusion seriously, taking our content to the entire Deaf Community.

Paula Braga – CEO

Wise Hands develops an admirable and noble work of accessibility for the deaf. His humanitarian and inspiring mission is an example for Brazil and the world.

Prof Marcos Oliveira – G10

It is a great honor for Feluma Ventures to collaborate with the noble purpose of Wise Hands.
With a multicultural team, very experienced and with a vision beyond all parameters
that we find in conventional Startups, Wise Hands has a bright path with exponential growth ahead.
With the strategic work of Feluma Ventures, we will be able together to achieve good commercial results and take
the purpose of startup for all
Brazil and the world.

Rafael Kenji – CEO Feluma Ventures

Social Proof

The work of Wise Hands is incredible, it brings accessibility to deaf people.

Daniel Avelino


LinkedIn Top Voice Career 2021
Speaker | Diversity & Inclusion
Recruitment | Personal & Professional Coach
Personal Branding | Digital marketing

Wise Hands Breaks
the barriers and values
the communication of
Deaf in the world.

Tiago Codogno Bezerra


Expert Pedagogue
in Teaching Libras
Post Graduate in Education

Thanks to the Wise Hands team
for the opportunity to
participate in the course
of Leadership for the Deaf.

Thaisa Durso


Banking | Financial Educator
Founder of Save with Style
Pound Investment Professor


people what is equivalent to 67% of Europe’s population


people what is the equivalent to almost the population of 3 continents

Our Team's Profile

Junior Gaino

CEO and founder,
+ than 18 years of P&D experience
+ 200 projects developed
+ $300 million invested in P&D

Rafael Rezende

Co-founder and CMO,
+ 14 years of experience in MKT
+ 2000 submitted contents
+ 50 big MKT campaigns

Bruno Tonheta

Executive Director, Entrepreneur;
+ 18 years of experience in Marketing &
Film Production; Artificial Intelligence,
Oxford University.
+ 100 Big Marketing Campaigns
+ 50 Commercials Video Produced

The main key players of the management board of WH are deaf, blind, wheelchair users, young and old, between them we have:

Adriano Paiva

Simone Moura

Marcos Lima

Gabriel Isaac

Pedro Silva

Junior Borneli

Substantial achievements to date



Wise Hands Foundation


Opening of the first
audiovisual studio
dedicated to creation
of accessible content
(São Paulo – BR).


First course
leadership e-learning
for deaf
offered by Zucoloto,
one of the leaders
most renowned in Brazil.


First big job
of expression in the
StartSe SVWC
(Silicon Valley
Web Conference).


Second great job
of expression in the
Automotive Business,
being one about the
Industry Planning
and another about
Diversity in industries
of the production chain.


Inauguration of the
second studio
dedicated to creation
of content
(London, United Kingdom).



from the third studio
dedicated to creation
of content
accessible (Sao Paulo – BR).


Event holding
StartSe Summit,
where wise hands
provided accessibility
in sign language.


Realization of
first part
of Planning
of Industry
performed by
Automotive Business.


Achievement of the greatest
innovation event
in the financial area,


Preparation of
contents of
News portal
and from the Wise Hands School
and another about
Diversity in industries
of the production chain.


Launch of the first
SL Book of the world
– Disobey –
Mauricio Benvenutti

Intellectual property

All of our solutions were developed in-house by our research and development team.

We have the intellectual property of 14 solutions, trademark registrations and patent applications.

We can receive funding for research and development projects with national incentives and international funds.

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