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Did you know that today we have almost 500 million deaf adults and 34 million deaf children worldwide. All with the same dreams as the listeners, wanting to study and graduate from a university or technical course. However, the reality is not easy and the vast majority of deaf people cannot get a well-paid job or even become literate.

Today it is very easy to find distance courses for listeners and why not make these courses available for the deaf? Our mission is to build a more equal world for society, with accessibility and opportunities for all.

The E-learning project will end this difference and provide a platform with high quality courses, recorded with interpreters for the deaf audience.

All of this is free or low cost, as the vast majority of deaf people are unable to pay for expensive courses. And after completing the courses, we will make a database with the curricula of the deaf and help them to enter the job market. Like the idea?

So participate in this project with us, either by sharing our content on social networks, being a user of the platform or if possible, making a donation. Be part of this change!

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